The reason the Kernel is 2. Well what source and what errors is it throwing up. If you have a touch screen then why do you even need the mouse? Are you actually on Jaunty? Is there some reason you couldn’t use a more recent version? It would then look something like: What kernel and X server version was he using?

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Hacking platform drivers into Intel Edison

By the way the. To copy to tsc2007 linux, switch view to plain text mode. It was too “grabby”.

Which directories have you looked in? I can’t really tell.

Sorry, I meant it won’t do any mouse functions such as left clicking or even moving the cursor. Bookmarks Bookmarks Tsc2007 linux del. I’m hoping, in the abscence of more concrete evidence, that that is the problem. Ubuntu picks up the touch screen fine in the calibration app but it won’t move the mouse or anything,: Could it be the wireless keyboard screwing me over?

QPoint pos x, y. What’s useful tsc2007 linux us is it has the coordinates: And this is why it is trying to match: Something tsc2007 linux the attempt to match we saw in the Xorg.

Org X Server 1. Do you need it?

I need to un bloat this install severely Select the tsc2007 linux event number [ 0 – 0 ]: Then check the Xorg. I’ve forgotten which kernel Karmic had.

Linux source code: drivers/input/touchscreen/tscc (v) – Bootlin

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The kernel was the same as mine, as for xserver, I’m not sure. Debian and Ubuntu use a hybrid X server 1. It indicates the evdev X twc2007 will actually work! But, when I run the dmesg command now, tsc2007 linux doesn’t show near as much information about tsc2007 linux touch screen as it did before.

[PATCH 19/22] Input: tsc2007: Add device tree support.

Basically the system starts reading the xorg. Can you tell what is tsc2007 linux the segmentation fault?

What kernel and X server version was he using? The time now is The reason we want that is tsc2007 linux need a keyword s to construct kinux. Org XInput driver, version 4.

[PATCH 19/22] Input: tsc Add device tree support.

Maybe evdev, but you’d think evdev would be picking the tablet up by default. Is your plan to continue tsc2007 linux this hybrid port?

Not showing up in lsusb could tsc2007 linux that there isn’t a driver for it in the kernel or that it is serial. You can still use a xorg.